Adelaide Art Therapy is a registered NDIS provider

Rebekah Popescu has more than five years of experience working with people living with disabilities from acquired brain injuries to autism spectrum disorders, physical, cognitive, mood and personality disorders.

Registration Groups

Adelaide Art Therapy offers services to the following registration groups:
Therapeutic Supports


Adelaide Art Therapy fees are compliant with the NDIS Price Guide

The most common line item that art therapy will be charged to is:
Support Item Reference #:15_056_0128_1_3

This falls under the Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living items and is capped at $193.99ph in South Australia.

For agency-managed and plan-managed clients, my rate is $185ph

Self-managed clients are $175ph.

CALL TO FIND OUT MORE – 0419 816 316

What’s Art Therapy?

Sometimes called art psychotherapy, art therapy encourages self-discovery and emotional growth.

Art therapy is a multi-part process, involving setting an intention or goal, the creation of art, the use of multiple art mediums and the very personal discovery of its meaning to you.

Much of our behaviour and many of our decisions in life are motivated by the unconscious part of our minds. Using the right hemisphere of our brains to express our life experiences, instead of using words and language that is usually controlled by the left brain, is a great way to gain deeper insight into ourselves.

For people living with a disability, art therapy offers a range of benefits by activating kinesthetic/sensory, emotional and cognitive awareness through embodied engagement with art mediums and other creative modalities.

Main Studio: Integrative Health Solutions,
13 Laffers Road, Belair, SA

When: Flexible appointment times from Monday to Saturday

0419 816 316

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