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Rebekah’s BioRebekah’s Bio Rebekah Popescu is an Arts Psychotherapist based in Adelaide. Following a 16 year career as a digital producer in the arts and creative media industry, Rebekah gained her qualifications at the Ikon Institute of Australia between 2010 and 2015. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy and a Graduate Diploma in Art Psychotherapy.

Rebekah works in private practice with a wide range of clients, from adults with acquired brain injuries to people living with cancer, autism spectrum disorders,  depression, anxiety, trauma, complex grief, addictions and various disabilities.  She currently practices alongside doctors and allied health practitioners at Integrative Health Solutions in Belair.

Rebekah is also a lecturer and academic team member at the Ikon Institute of Australia where she teaches in the Bachelor degree programs of Art Psychotherapy and Integrative Psychotherapy. She has also recently studied Acceptance and Commitment Therapy under Dr, Russ Harris and frequently integrates this model of therapy into her work.

Rebekah also has specialised interests in phenomenology, existential psychotherapy and multi-modal practice. Having survived breast cancer in 2015, Rebekah is currently facilitating a group art therapy program based on Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ for people living with cancer at the Cancer Care Centre in Unley.

She is a passionate advocate of an integrative approach to health and believes that it is just as important to care for the soul and the psyche in the face of chronic illness. She hopes to bring a new understanding of the healing benefits of the creative arts to the wider community through her workshops and private practice.

(Read about Rebekah’s work with Centacare – Feature Article)



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